New Bread Stolichniy

27 February 2013

Bread "Stolichniy" enriched


STB 1007
The enriched bakery product with "Betaviton's" (pro-vitamin A) addition, intended for preventive foods of all groups of the population.
Puree potato dry, caraway seeds, water, "Betaviton" (beta carotene water-soluble food) is developed from a mix of a flour rye seyany, wheat the first grade and a flour rye peeled, salts iodated, sugar, malt rye dry, yeast baking pressed.
The mass of a product – 900г
Nutrition value 100г products:
proteins – 6,8г;
fats – 0,6 g;
carbohydrates – 49,0г;
beta carotene – 0,6 mg (daily norm of consumption of beta carotene – 5 mg)
Power value – 230kkal/962 kJ.
Period of storage to packing of 96 hours.


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